December 11, 2020

linux mint smooth scrolling

eh firefox has smooth scrolling, GNOME has smooth scrolling. What weird is that this forum is very jerky to scroll around. Press J to jump to the feed. Reply Quote 1. scrolling rapidly will make the page scroll down about 100 pixels at a time with about 2-3 seconds between scrolls (though sometimes it's normal for about 10 seconds but it's laggy more often than not) I have installed Linux Mint 19.x on two machines to dual boot with a Windows OS. This how-to will explain how to get them back. how do i activate this? Reply Quote 0. @dLeon AS = AutoScroll. I can't recall when this happened may it a laptop touchpad or the usage of Mac OS that i realized there is another method of scrolling that did not screw up my reading experience. They look cool and are just great to use (they really are, in my opinion) AS SOON AS I TOUCH THE MOUSEWHEEL .. it feels like throwing me back to the early 90's :'(, EDIT: My hacky scrolling experience (except chrome with "Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller"), What it should look like (thats with a touch device) [like the "Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller" with an ordinary mouse], this was years ago, now browser scrolling is just fine ;), And here I am, pissed that smooth scrolling is enabled by default everywhere and I have to turn it off, Ok, i can fully understand that there are different opinions about that. 1) Create LibreOffice Draw doc, add some blocks/text 2) Export to PDF 3) open in epdfview - colors are displayed incorrectly. I am talking about the middle mouse wheel, which is used for vertical scrolling. It’s simple interface made it easy to operate the functionality. Of course i am not able to influence the rendering chrome/firefox provides to make this look good. Rather than having a dedicated through set aside for a distinct scroll bar, the default theme for Linux Mint uses a thin and translucent bar that can overlay the content of the window and fades away when not in use. This application is available for both Natty and Onerirc, and can be installed from either the source package or by using the PPA given below. But NO just NOTHING. The Linux Mint team today published their regular announcements related to the development progress of their latest distro and apps. Scott Hanselman 177,186 views linux-mint-15. when we scroll we XDamage the area and completely repaint the entire visible scroll section. FJCC Moderator Posts: 7660 Joined: Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:08 pm Location: Colorado, USA. ..." BUT WHY ON EARTH IS THIS WORKING IN CHROME AND FIREFOX? The virtual console has fixed scroll back size, it sounds like it's limited to video memory size according to this Linux virtual console Scrolling … We don't paint anything outside because that would be wasteful. They are all pretty awesome. Since mouse wheels are invented i hate the stuttering scrolling experience. Posted on December 9, 2020 by Mel Hawthorne Leave a Comment. Since mouse wheels are invented i hate the stuttering scrolling experience. Thing is, you didn't write any smooth scrolling code at all. What you want to do is set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true, this will enable opengl compositing and should get rid of any tearing with scrolling and video playback level 1 lemler3 I read throughout the post on that topic on Forums and Mailinglist stating: "It's not doable cuz mouse wheels emit button clicks [like btn 5/6 idk.] The flag to enable smooth scrolling was present in Google Chrome for a long time but the implementation wasn't really smooth. OP is speaking about system wide smooth scrolling and this is just working with touchpads afaik. Developing on Windows with WSL2 (Subsystem for Linux), VS Code, Docker, and the Terminal - Duration: 14:15. I’m using my favorite distros, Cinnamon. Fix the couple pixels that touchpad tends to stray when I am setting down my thumb in an attempt to click (classic Linux touchpad annoyance) When beginning a new scroll action while coast is active, scroll occurs at 10x normal speed; Setup two-finger scrolling to work as smoothly as OS X, rather than scrolling the page in small, discrete increments There isn’t necessarily a correct way for the scroll wheel to work, although there is a generally followed … But what me annoys for many years now, is the lack of smooth scrolling on Linux. For any permission corruption access for root by $ sudo su command. There will now be a Smooth Scroll box you can select. Smooth Scrolling seem very hit or miss right now. Shortly after this, web browsers start to accomplish this through native implementations or through browser plugins (i can't describe how much i love "chromium wheel smooth scroller" ... i think i would quit the interwebz without it). – Royi Aug 26 '17 at 20:16. views 2. answers 1. vote 2013-12-16 17:02:06 +0100 MichaelD. In my opinion its harder to follow the content if its suddenly disappearing and than appearing on a distant position – but thats just me. The Linux desktop has come a very long way in a short time. Some people hate it with a passion. ff was just an example where you can see this working. This can also be added to the command line – (2) in picture 9. Windows 10 and Linux Mint, since 2017 If your question is answered, please go to your first post, select the Edit button, and add [Solved] to the beginning of the title. 1 Reply Last reply . I want to be able to "scroll lock" by pressing the wheel and have this functionality in any application. First of all, open your terminal by pressing CTRL + Alt + T from your keyboard. This works on Linux Mint 18.2 (Sonya) as well. The free-spin scrolling works on Windows. and some Logitech mice but nothing with a general purpose smooth scrolling with a simple mouse wheel. Is there a way to enable it on the mouse wheel? 1 Reply Last reply . I complain about that i can't get it to work and no one i know of has ever done this and you are saying its everywhere :D. is that the bugrequest you are speaking about? I’m using my favorite distros, Cinnamon. And yes i worked quite a bit with Qt and QtQuick to make great applications that many users enjoyed cuz Qt does a great job regarding this. In this article, we will learn, How to change mouse scroll speed. SHIFT + Page Up and SHIFT + Page Down are the correct keys to operate on the linux (virtual) console, but vmware console doesn't have those terminal settings. I know this may well boil down to a Gnome/GTK issue anyway but so long as they're not doing anything a workaround could be provided by default. TbGbe last edited by TbGbe @Guest. Am I the only one on the entire Planet Earth that bothers this topic so much? I have a Logitech m705 and all 10 buttons are recognized in Mint 19.3. besides that there is not much of a use if its just working in ff.

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