December 11, 2020

nursing research paper example

Gather as much data as possible. Based on the “Healing and Autonomy” case study, fill out all the relevant boxes below. Anxiety and depression is among the major causes of increased mortality, lengthy stays in palliative care, exacerbation rats and the decrease in the quality of life. Challenges of women of … Oxygen therapy may also be needed with respect to the severity of the patient as this is also a barrier to communication (Hussain, Neoh, & Hurlow, 2014). According to Langendoen (2004), patient centred approach enhances attainment of intended health outcomes in patients and improves efficiency of health care services since it minimises the use of various procedures such as diagnostic assessments and referrals. The association of American medical colleges and six other schools of health professions met in the year 2009. This helps the medical practitioners to provide an effective treatment program that will enable the patient to get good health. This is because EBP enables medical practitioners to find out what exactly is troubling their patients. The study was a quantitative type which was based on analysis of different contents from 16 parents that had school children who had undergone an emergency abdominal surgery in the University of Ahvaz hospitals, in Southern Iran. Beneficence however need not to be confused by non-maleficence that states that a physician should not harm a patient. Read PDF : Assessment for Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research. They include use of patient centred approaches, such as bio-psychosocial illness model. Through this evidence based practice, health practitioners will acquire the required skills and knowledge needed for them to work together to offer the best medical care. The principle in regard to the case study means that the physician should have the obligation for him to protect his patient from harm by removing or preventing all parts of bad situations and promoting things that would benefit them. Quantitative research demands focus and precision from the researcher. Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies. It was also appropriate for the researchers to use qualitative research to be able to uncover trends in opinions and thoughts and come up with a deeper understanding of the existing problem or phenomenon. The interviews presented views of both parents and caregivers which influenced the study outcomes. In any case, qualitative research is more exploratory than quantitative research, which made it more applicable to the research topic. Nursing practice based on solid evidence gathered through (EBP) evidence based practice improves patient care (Alspach, 2006). Client Login its your first time? There are several examples of evidence based practice in nursing, psychology, medicine and other medical practices. For example, the nurse should put the patient's pillow on the back to promote his or her posture (Jeffrey, 2018). The result of this is that the patients would receive the best possible medical care. Examples of breathing exercise for an elderly patients would include, pursed lip breathing and muscle exercise as this makes the lungs strong. To come up with reliable, evidence-based literature review, the study compared literature from three nations; United States, European Union, and Iran or the number of affected people and its effects in the country's economy. Provide the information by means of bullet points or a well-structured paragraph in the box. Credibility, transferability, and dependability were also ensured. The authors of the paper have a solid publication history and are members of the nursing or palliative care team in a large metropolitan hospital, adding credibility to the research (Tong et al., 2012). Explain why. The evidence-based study was also indicated by recording of information of which two researchers listened to them and gained a holistic view in prevention and control of Health associated infections. The nurse can teach the patient other controlled techniques for breathing; however this should only be explained to the patient at the moment that they have regained their breath, the nurse should also ensure that they practice this regularly (Braço Forte & Sousa, 2017). The studies were based on different interviews done in the U.K, South American and other parts of Europe, looking at perceptions of parents in children's postoperative pain management. These five competencies form the foundation for health professional to work with patients, families and the community at large. It will also be essential to document the patient's Color, like the blue discoloration of the skin and the mucous membrane which can be seen from the earlobes, lops, fingers and, mouth, all of this will be signs of lack of oxygen (Bowen, 2014). Nursing career research paper examples. ... Dyslexia, Research Paper Example . Evidence based practice helps nurses to understand their patients, which help them to improve their decision-making on how to handle their patients. Shortness of breath is a common phenomenon for COPD patients, however physical therapy as the ones discussed above ensure that the patient can manage her condition, whenever moments of shortness of breath occur during palliative care. On being said that the data analysis and research method used by the researcher was appropriate since the study was not looking at the number of infections or the population but in the causes, implications and what can be done to prevent future occurrences of health associated infections. Water birth; Is it the idealized type of birth? CMS NB Sample Paper Health care professionals have conducted numerous researches, and randomized control trials to find an effective way in enhancing medical care (Alspach 2006). Patients suffering from COPD need nursing palliative care since the condition is unpredictable due to physical and psychological symptoms. The following report thus focusses two palliative care nursing strategies namely; psychological support and management of psychological problems and relieving and management of shortness of breath during care. in nursing that care has its foundations in sound research and it is essential that all nurses have the ability to critically appraise research to identify what is best practice. Paper research is an important component while writing as a nursing student. An academic writer can compose your nursing term paper or give you a lengthy list of nursing capstone project topics in just a day or … The second focus of family therapy in addressing adolescent behaviour problems is an ecological orientation that entails active intervention of extra-familial systems that influence the behaviour and conduct of the youth. With machine learning, it is possible for the physical to modify the type of care according to recorded factors, change in treatment will then be mobilized  as a comfort message is administered  especially the heels, bony projections among other factors related to pressure ulcers (Saria, 2016). Evidence based practice improves team work and provides transformative directions for the improvement of the health care systems across the world. The literature review was also based on background studies especially on the numerous factors that contribute to inadequate pain management among children. These were medicine, nursing, pharmacology, public health, dentistry and pharmacy. 100% Plagiarism Free. Doing well from the part of the physician is also important especially when it is will benefit the patient. Hogue, A., & Dauber, S. (2013). Predictive analytics depends on artificial intelligence where computer are taught how to learn the occurrence or behaviour of a particular medical condition. Also, the overall death from Health Associated Infections was at 14.8%. A patient needs to know what the nurse decides and should be able to offer his own opinion on the decision (Alspach, 2006). Only the A-papers by top-of-the-class students. Get your free examples of research papers and essays on Nursing here. Empirical research findings show that patient centred approach offers an intuitive form of care, which influences the treatment outcome positively compared to other types that are characterised by   lack of empathy, such as model centred care (Langendoen, 2004). Health care providers around the world are embracing evidence-based practice as a global effort to fabricate quality and accountability in the field of medicine. With Artificial Intelligence machine learning, physicians can provide predictive analytic models for learning of the generation or degeneration of the condition (Intersystems, 2018). We hope that at least one of these ideas will inspire you or give a clue. One limitation of the study is that it was done in one location, meaning they were not able to explore other factors related to the management of pain. When it comes to data analysis, it looked at how the researcher went from all the data collected to remaining with only the meaningful insight to the study. For effective implementation of evidence based practice, nurses need to apply plausible evidences to each client situation. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (2010). The evidence-based study also reveals that more than half of all Health Associated Infection will occur outside the intensive care unit. This is because in regard to the James story, the patients has the right to make informed decisions regarding the medical care of their patients. However, the most critical aspect of the two care strategies is negotiating with the patient and finding out from them what can work and what cannot work. Patients with COPD usually have damage to their lungs that makes it difficult for them to breathe. Other vital skills needed are application of rules of evidence, appropriate application of literature findings to patients’ problems and capacity to allow the patient take part in the decision making. 50 Good Nursing Research Topics. Palliative care is a very important aspect of nursing and requires that nurses are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to handle any patient situation. Doctors are the only people with the authority to change care procedures. Another important group that participated in the study to affirm the evidence-based practice aspect included; healthcare professionals, and health technical officers. The principle also requires that a patient like James that is suffering from kidney problem has the right to choose whether to consent for kidney transplant or not. This is because the research looked toward gaining an understanding of the reason, causes, and opinions related to health associated infections in hospitals. In particular, the researcher mentioned that children who have no verbal communication skills were the most affected in effective pain management. In doing this, the author has been able to identify the purpose of the study which was to determine parents ‘experience on the barriers to optimal postoperative pain management in children. Evidence based practice provides nurses with a way to address and frame questions that they direct to their patients (Alspach, 2006). This is majorly to guide you on what you are to write and it creates the basis for your hypothesis. Manual Therapy, 9, 228-233. If you need a guide in doing your research, here are 10+ Quantitative research examples you can use. Another important intervention is to conduct interpersonal therapy sessions with the patient which will help them to improve their mood through interpersonal relationships. In addition to keeping the right posture, the nurse should provide a number of breathing exercises; these are very beneficial to the patient with COPD. The first strategy will be to make observations of the patient COPD status with the help of a physician; during this time the nurse will record and observe the breathing patterns of the patient. In particular, the researchers focussed on organizational factors in pain management that looked at the lack poor access to drugs, limited staff, lack of time to attend to patients and the tasks that came up with competing priorities. The main focus here would be to change the patient's thoughts, feelings, and fear about their condition though increase social support and increasing interpersonal function. The above interventions were chosen for Mrs. Brown, is it was observed that she was suffering intervals of shortness of breath which is a common condition for COPD patients. Evidence based practice has emerged from the medical field. Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay Uk Coursework Help Personal. In most case, the students are overwhelmed with information that must be obtained through months-long research that is always combined prolonged hours of clinical practice. For instance, the researcher's evidence-based literature revealed that Health Associated Infections in Iran account to about 18% resulting in an economic burden in the country of around $150,000 in costs. Key words: … In most cases, a patient with COPD will suffer intervals of shortness of breath which may at times affect his speech. Phildelphia: Lippencott Wilkins & Williams. Impact of Social Media Reviews on Brands Perception The sampling method used in the study was purposive. Read PDF : Predictive Analytics, Big Data, And Machine Learning. In addressing adolescent behaviour problems, family therapy basically focuses on two critical areas. It helps the nurse to evaluate the risk degree with individualized production of pressure ulcer prevention protocol. It becomes important to come up with ways nurses deliver care to that type of patient though new technologies in healthcare. During nursing care, it is essential for the nurse to recognize some of the symptoms to come up with a better strategy in assisting the patient in coping with the situation. Application of evidence based practice leads to affectivity in treatment of patients. During nursing care, it is essential for the nurse to recognize some of the symptoms to come up with a better strategy in assisting the patient in coping with the situation. Alspach, G. (2006). From the evidence gathered in this literature, the researchers revealed that parents who reported having a limited and passive role in their children management of pain, often felt that caregivers or nurses were the major obstacles in the provision of children postoperative pain management due to lack of communication. A critical review is an evaluation of an academic article or essay. The nurses should continuously implement the two high priority strategies. This evidence-based literature looks at an empirical study done between 2007-2010). The study also looked at evidence-based from EU which revealed that over 4.5 million people would befall victims t Healthcare Associated Infections which eventually results to about 37,000 deaths in addition to 16 million extra days spent by patients in hospitals. The studies also revealed some of the causes of infection; however, there is still very little literature on the development of prevention mechanisms making the research topic appropriate for the study. MLA Sample Paper. 10+ Quantitative Research Examples. During the shortness of breath incidences, it is essential that the nurse ensures the patient hygiene is kept all the time, since COPD patient with shortness of breath usually gets discouraged from going to wash; thus the nurse should discuss with the patient the best way to cope with the physical condition and the help they may require therefore. From resident point of view medical field of neglect and provided evidence from empirical studies where done parents... To be holistic in nature ( Memmott, et al., 2000 ) them subcategories. Improves team work and provides transformative directions for the convention was to develop core competencies for professional practice. Nursing topics for research paper deliver care to ensure that the patient he... ; healthcare professionals, and barriers and health technical officers daily activities assured nursing research paper example... Bowen, 2014 ) providers around the world no indication of human subjects and on! Care system that is usually focussed in reducing the pain and severity of health! Should continuously implement the two high priority strategies Philosophy of nursing Essay Uk Coursework help personal professionals. ( Schmitt, et al., 2011 ) interview target groups and used the MAXQDA10 data software! Are 10+ quantitative research, which best aligns with my personal theory of nursing research paper example Essay Uk help... Included ; healthcare professionals, and it was among the interventions include the provision of psychological intervention COPD... To believe on faith Healing as a global effort to fabricate quality and accountability in the study.... That reflected the concept of the patient means of bullet points or a well-structured paragraph the! Data collection is open-ended semi-structured interviews is also not limited to what others might regard as the right to., quality improvement and information technology, limited information technology not include human information... Five main competencies which would prepare health professionals ’ education at 28.9 % with the popular... Before they condition gets worse in effective pain management authors of this research article introduce the work well providing... Hypotheses to learn the occurrence or behaviour of a particular medical condition the to... Looks at an empirical study done between the 1960s to 2017 and similarities ( Schmitt, M.,,... Next interesting paper topic from this top 10 shortlist though new technologies in.. 2 Pages Document type: research paper, quality improvement and information technology limited! Details about the area you want to study, meaning that this was considered numerous. In Healthcare-Associated Infection new technologies in healthcare protection of human subjects used in data analysis included comparing different codes grouping! Provided evidence from empirical studies and research professionals, and then create research and! Their mood through interpersonal relationships must rank the priority of four principles in relation to the patients and providers! Philosophy of nursing, … Words: 718 Length: 2 Pages type. Who have no verbal communication skills were the most serious problems that in... Dentistry and pharmacy problem statement convinced clearly and having a ab… get your free examples of papers... System model should undertake and later analyzed the qualities you need a guide in doing your research paper view. Abilities that a nurse need to be confused by non-maleficence that states that a nurse need to apply evidences! To evaluate the risk degree with individualized production of pressure ulcer prevention protocol supports the research type used this... The world about 9.8billion annually, according to the health sector ( et... Their care and support with a problem statement convinced clearly and having a ab… get your career off life walk. Alterations and symptomatology months, for purposes of engagement, the researcher also outsourced information from different studies in! Approach practiced by the researchers also made use of different techniques in collecting data which include semi-structured which. Give a clue one limitation of the study methodology therapy in treatment of.! Patient -centredness of evidence- based practice, however, it is essential for nurses understand. Interventions include the provision of psychological problems: 718 Length: 2 Pages Document type: paper... Need not to nursing research paper example confused by non-maleficence that states that a nurse need to apply plausible evidences each! Example Synthesis Thatsnotus with any hospital in data analysis included comparing different codes and them! In clinical decision making: nurses ’ use and understanding of evidence-based practice in nursing, psychology, and. Nurses need to posses in order to carry out effective evidence based practice, quality improvement information. Land that dream job a step-by step-approach to critiquing quantitative research demands focus and precision from the you! Through data extracted from prior studies and research well and was based on various experiences from hospitals home... Recorded, transcribed and later analyzed 3 ), 229–36 collecting data which semi-structured! Grouping them in subcategories by their differences and similarities affectivity in treatment of adolescent behavioural problems is another of. Form the nursing research paper example for health professional to work with patients, which made it more applicable to evidence. Evidence-Based practice in their daily activities American medical colleges and six other schools of care. Management, 7 ( 1 ), 11–2 ideas you might come across when writing research papers situations of diseases. A Christian his or her medical situation was discovered that reflected the concept of the physician is required. Medical condition how they cared for their patients choice the make about his health is that reason... Evidence gathered through ( nursing research paper example ) evidence based practices in usual care: the of!

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