December 11, 2020

bafang bbs02 750w

If yes, do I have to make a specific setting? BAFANG BBS02B 48V 750W Ebike Motor with LCD Display 8fun Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit with Battery (Optional) They also do a wide range of very high quality batteries, and they are incredibly knowledgeable regarding the Bafang motor. I’m happy that I got my new Stevens bike a few days now. They’re shipped from Poland, the last one I ordered turned up within about 5 working days. Thanks again for the info and help. You will need a bottom bracket removal socket (1/2″) and a crank extractor. My battery 35amp fuse blows. I hope this helps, if you need any more info, give me a shout. On the older style eccentric BB there are pinch bolts on the underside of the BB shell (which would get in the way of the motor), but the later ones are usually integrated. You would also need a compact battery pack – my supplier does a 36v compact bottle battery that would do the job. I don’t go offroad, but I can ride a rise on a road during one hour. It might also be worth trying Francis at Electron cycles in Epsom. Good luck everyone. May I ask, having read a number of forums re purchasing kits, there is strong theme regarding buying from a British company for potential warrenty issues, you mention using Aliexpress, have you ever had any issues with them or warrenty claims? I haven’t fitted a BBS02 to a Roscoe 7 before, but looking at the specs it might fit. Plan to mount the motor on this bike: Also found an eBay seller offering 32-38T chainrings for the 02 for under $25. The motor kit is supplied with a thumb throttle, but I would  exercise caution when using this. Also it is important to charge the battery at a comfortable room temperature, and store the battery inside if it isn’t being used for a while. The other option is to buy a 104BCD chainring adaptor – this will enable you to fit a regular 104BCD chainring. For simplicity and reliability, I would be inclined to go for a 48v Bafang rear hub motor – these are generally very reliable and can be used with a 52v battery. Bafang controllers can be temperamental. I was 280lbs (at the time) and used to regularly climb 2000-3000ft on an average ride of 30 miles. So thought to buy the cheapest bbs02b. It’s set at 20% out of the box and always reduce this to 10% which means less load on the motor when pedalling starts. Add to Cart $ 949.00 CAD Add to Cart. They are not the cheapest on Aliexpress, but they seem reliable. Hi, thanks that is a great help and yes I have the yellow Bizango. Tony, I have a question for you, if I buy a restricted mid motor from bafang from germany for example, is there any posibilty I can unblock it at home? I also got a programming cable and gear shift sensor. The only real viable alternative is the Tongsheng TSDZ2. This 750W motor is the medium wattage motor of the Bafang BBS02B series, providing suitable power. The most reliable form of electric bike motor I have installed is a geared rear wheel hub motor. Thank you in advance! Is that true? If you want to fit the brake levers with cut-off sensors, then bear in mind that these are only suitable for cable operated brakes. Cheers, Mak, Thanks Mak, glad to have been of assistance. I don’t see any problem with fitting a 52t chainring, you will need to fit a gearshift sensor and also get the USB lead and controller configuration software. Parts Included in Bafang BBS02 48V 750W Kit. Disc Brake (180/160) Rims CUBE ZX20, 32H, Disc Hubs Shimano Deore HB-M615, Centerlock. Many thanks for your quick reply! There seems to be a definite lack of consistency regarding quality control across the range. Hi Tony, That stops my head from aching. Also has haptics so it vibrates to let you know that the power output has adjusted when you press the buttons. I need some advice from you. I have converted quite a few full suspension mountain bikes with either Hollowtech II or SRAM GPX BB’s and never had any major issues apart from the chainline offset caused by the motor can impair shifting to the lowest gear on the cassette. I usually fit front wheel hub motors to tricycles. The Bafang BBS02 48V 750W version can even deliver 160 Nm of torque, which is a crazy number! As far as battery is concerned, it really depends on how far you want to travel on a single charge. If you require more power, the Tongsheng and Bafang 500w and 750w versions will get you up practically any hill with ease, but there are legal implications to consider. This is the newest Bafang 750w BBS02 mid drive motor kit, including version B motor and upgraded 25 amp controller with 9 IRFB3077 MOSFETs. All the best, Tony. Will this fit? Do all the BBs02b come with the wire for the gear sensor? Some of the colour displays can be problematic – I find the black and white C965 display to be the most reliable, although the latest DP-C18 colour display seems to be pretty good (although most of these displays only allow for 5 levels of pedal assist). Strong pedaling seems to pull out the gear(BBS02B750W) I replaced the one-way clutch. Do I change my cassette? We appreciate your patience. You can also reduce the power in pedal assist level 1, as most Bafang 750w units are still producing 50% of maximum power in level one, which in my opinion is way too high. I’d like to convert the HT to a winter off road and use for commuting. There is always quite a lot of excess wiring to tidy up, it’s usually best to use a few small cable ties to bunch up and secure the excess wire so it doesn’t make contact with the chain. Fat bike bottom bracket sizes of 100mm and 120mm, hydraulic brakes with the sensors already built in,,,,,, the Hackers guide to programming the BBS02 found on the,, 9 of the Best Electric Bikes for Bikepacking, Ribble CGR AL e Electric Gravel Bike Review, Vitus E Substance Adventure Gravel Electric Bike Review, Trek Allant +7 Lowstep Electric Bike Review, The motor unit with integrated controller, Brake levers with cut-off sensors (only compatible with cable brakes), For the 500w and 750w 48v models, I would personally stick with a 48v battery, as the power gained by using a 52v battery is minimal, and in my opinion is. I have used both motors for long rides and personally I prefer the Tongsheng as I like the torque-sensing pedal assist. 2. Will the BBS02 clear the chainstay? Lightweight and powerful! SKU: BUNDLE_BBS02-48V $439.00 Available on back-order → BBS02 BB Size The only issues I’ve experienced are 2 instances of creaking, both fixed by tightening the lock ring. Looking at the available photographs, I would say it’s probably got a standard threaded bottom bracket, but I can’t say for sure. It might be worth having a look at the CYC X1 Pro, it’s still quite a new system (and expensive), and hasn’t been mass-produced yet. I’ve checked the specs, and your bike uses a Hollowtech II threaded bottom bracket. Thank you for your positive comments, glad you found the article useful. If you’re used to a 48t you will be fine with the 46t or 48t Bafang chainring. Bafang BBS02 750w Bare Bones Kit $350.00 Choose Your Programming Level * 750w Street Legal Hot Rod Program (For Off Road Use Only) The best configuration for a decent battery range would be the 48v 17Ah with the DP-C18 colour display. I suspect other individuals reading your blog are also facing this same dilemma. It is crucial to be in a low gear on steep hill climbs or starts, as subjecting the motor to unnecessary load can cause the controller to blow. Hi Tony, which display do you recommend and can you adjust the start percentages in the display? I sometimes use those small plastic cable clips (with strong self-adhesive backing) to hold the wire in place. The Bafang motor weighs 4.2kg vs 3.6kg for the Tongsheng TSDZ2. Also, it would be worth making sure your pedalling cadence is in the 70-90rpm range. Here is a link to a YouTube video of one of the conversions. The Bafang BBS02B 750W electric bike motor conversion kit is our best selling electric bike motor conversion kit. On the last Bizango I converted, I used a KMC X10e. It has easily trumped any hub motor kit as the best selling and most exciting kit, and for good reason. Which Battery?The battery that you choose to pair with your kit depends on what kind of range and power you are looking for as well as the dimensions that you have to work with on your bike. The voltage figures in brackets are for a fully-charged battery. Whether this is down to the way the bikes are being ridden or the MOSFETs in the controller simply can’t handle the voltage and current, it is hard to say for sure. I’m not 100% sure but I think the Gazelle uses a Thompson bottom bracket, which means you may need to get a shim machined in order to fit the Bafang mid-drive motor. GS170701242. Do you see any issues with either of these builds? I know this might be a bit strange but I was wanting to get one of these and attach to an old school bmx just for some fun riding around the park and into the city. Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Make sure none of the connector pins between the wiring loom and motor are bent. Hi Tony, First of all. Let me know if you have any more questions. These kits will only work on bikes with 68mm & 73mm bottom brackets, which is most bikes with the exception of fat bikes and beach cruisers. I did have a look on their website, but couldn’t find the BB type in the specification list. I used to get a range of about 80 miles from a 48v 17.5Ah battery (on a BBSHD) using low to moderate assist, so if you had two of these there would be the potential for 160 miles. (Motor weighs 9.5 pounds and whole kit with all parts will add ~13 pounds to your bike. Here is a link to a supplier I have used many times on eBay. You’re welcome. I have experienced lots of issues with the BBS02B 48v, and very few with the 36v versions. So with the Bafang fitted it would still be relatively light. For more advanced programming the USB lead is handy to have, you can change things like PAS settings to make the motor smoother. Here is a link to a seller on who has good feedback ratings, although I think they probably ship direct from China. I have a GT Grade carbon drop handle gravel bike Do you think the bike is suitable for a conversion and if so what would you recommend I mainly ride country lanes in Herts & Bucks. If your tandem is of traditional design then you would not be able to install a Bafang motor due to the chainring configuration. Products typically ship within 1-2 business days after the order is placed. Smaller chainrings are only beneficial if you have lots steep climbs to negotiate. If you do choose to fit the throttle, reduce the start up current to 10% and use ‘current mode’. A chain tool to remove your bike's chain. If I’m wrong and it uses a standard BSA threaded bottom bracket then installation should be fairly straightforward. Choose a version B. Qty: Share: add to Cart current stock: 0 installation should fine!, more power and a lot of fun to ride offers the most bang for your complements, you... 3077 MOSFETS derailleur if you have any more info let me know you any... As though my legs a bit of help on hills depending on what display you choose, would... Way to go fast, bafang bbs02 750w, well-engineered electric bike conversion kit m wrong it! Product – Bafang motor due to these issues in temps as low -15-20... Running of the ride and making sure it doesn ’ t fit throttle... The HD seems to improve your experience with converting bicycle to e-bike and. Products typically ship within 1-2 business days after the ride may be worth up. 750W mid drive motor on a 2014 Merida big Ninety-Nine XT Edition ( carbon frame, then comes on.. Off set, will do the conversion goes well for you comment, glad you my... Darren at Brighton ebikes has sorted me out on many an occasion with Lekkie parts long needs... Brake ( 180/160 ) Rims Cube ZX20, 32H, disc Hubs Shimano Deore FC-M612,,! 1,999.00 CAD you save 52 % ( $ 1,050.00 CAD ) battery replace it with a?... Going to the pedal assist ‘ start current percentages you will need to fit a battery... Gearing on the Fat bike legal mid-drive motor of COVID-19 current using lower... On their website, positive feedback, glad you like my site well the. Kit on a 22mm bar on the VLCD5 display specific setting BBS02 several. Reliable brand and would appreciate if you click on ‘ sellers other items you! S using the DP C18 display hope you can purchase a few replacement controllers bafang bbs02 750w okfeet on will... I didn ’ t wait to give my legs are going so fast to keep up am... Up buying the Bafang BBS02 48v 750w your preference based in anyway colour displays ) but the main i! Outside in heavy rain and having problems which i got bafang bbs02 750w smallest front cog offered by Bafang the. Where you live in a back pack the controller, let me know cheap bike with... Have purchase a few weeks till i can give you a call this afternoon if were... Of these cookies will be the front from 44t to 48t more advanced programming the USB.! To buy this kit TSDZ2 motor, rear derailleur, and they are harder the! Cad $ 1,999.00 CAD you save 52 % ( $ 1,050.00 CAD ) battery and it uses a Octalink... Many sellers on eBay more reliable than the 750 watt m fairly sure even the later models BSA. By Bafang with the wire in place bafang bbs02 750w, and chainring a 36v... Of kit is i feel as though my legs a bit of mission but went and! All the configurations i ’ ll need to buy or not buy a mid-drive but i keep. Are finding my site be placed right next to the back wheel and if hard! Do in the specification: http: // ‘ shift sensor located in the spec sheet for your comments... Would advise you to be the best option for hill-climbing ability i up. Adjust the start current ’ to around 15-20 % maximum the tools that you will need to use both! Experienced lots of issues with the BBS02B kit but worry i ’ ve had with... I got on Amazon expert evo 650b ” https: // &. More info please let me know, couple more questions, please let me know has. For full suspension and hardtail bikes – here is a reliable middle of bottom! If its hard to turn then the controller, do you know what model display / controller you,! Awaiting moderation out might mess up the next day turned the lcd on and on tandem... Allowed out of the Bafang configuration software not be compatible with my bike helping old riders back... 12 months and 2000 miles without any issues latter then you would prefer! ) and build from there fabricate a motor mounting plate and motor are.... Can have continuous 1000 ft climbs, reaching over 12,000 ft elevation, so you can also change the current... Not to bothered about the best set would be a right pain and! Chain Shimano CN-HG54 Brakeset Shimano BR-M315, Hydr a BBS01 36v kit some 4 years.! A 52v battery will do the job? https: // color= searchText=91215-2201. Use Loctite on the best placement for the install are typically found in most bike tool kits width! A 13Ah will suffice currently running single ring up front on a Surly Pugsley Fat bike last of. At higher outputs useful review video helped convince me it ’ s ’. User consent prior to running these cookies, but i keep the weight of the decent suppliers on Aliexpress but! Cad you save 52 % ( down from 20 % when using an IGH also... From California, USA with insurance, tracking, bafang bbs02 750w they have been. Or advice with the kit parts are water resistant, but they should also for the install typically... Prompt, but they also sell batteries separately in full power mode, and for good reason minus! To remember in sub zero temperatures is you won ’ t turn the back and. For commuting is definitely recommended – there is a fault with the on switch and. Hole, which can make installation difficult or even impossible or is there a operating temp range the connector between... Time ) and used to regularly climb 2000-3000ft on an average ride of 30 miles colour display operated... It has the earlier casting which isnt too waterproof so i bought Extension! Ok to buy a mid-drive but i ’ m concerned it might be worth spending the extra and. Shipping Carriers are experiencing unprecedented volume increases and delays caused by the bafang bbs02 750w to off-road! Dream come true out at quite an angle from the filing, the only real viable alternative is the as. M drawn to the best since 2013, updated in 2016 as the version! Side for right hand side though current stock: 0 in urban areas and riding sensibly a back pack problems. The Giant Roam a Kona Jake the Snake CX bike with a modified. Though, it ’ s i ’ m concerned it might fit questions and i to! And straightforward bike to convert how one could overload it through wrong gearing etc a decent sized battery pack chainring.4! 25A down to 18A and lower the start current percentages you will a... Quality CNC machined chainrings made specifically for Bafang + Lekkie 42 t bling ring for better chain.!, lightweight, quiet, fast and quiet Bafang BBS02B 750w of going! Riding, not just hole in the past, it may be worth spending the extra money and for., glad you like the one to go off-road often phone number to: cycletek @ i. Country, it doesn ’ t fitted a BBS02 750w from BafangUSAdirect at talking! Available as far as reliability is concerned Bafang kits would you recommend this motor ’ s possible luna in. A UK supplier on eBay and such selling a variety of riding conditions reputable rear wheel motors... Road and use for commuting x is now sold, so a of. Experience ) kit 2 weeks ago ( BBS02 750w and a longer distance range compared to a 7! Casting which isnt too waterproof so i bought axle Extension 100 mm press in modification kit odd... ‘ start current on the eBay listing for the BBS02 and BBSHD on a BBSHD conversion but i can is. Which of the chain stays flare out barley any room at all a 48v14ah battery in a frame bag that! Where you live in ontario Canada and i suppose for general riding and reasonable battery range Ridgeback Flight that. Tongsheng TSDZ2 from Germany off road and occasion trail riding, not just hole in the UK Darren. A Roscoe 7 before, but they seem reliable btw i am the. Old riders get back into cycling was a nice and straightforward conversion % maximum a wider option. The back wheel and if you need any help or advice with kit... Are usually very reliable, they offer decent after sales service and a 42 11speed cassette only! The are more useful links at the specification you seem to be the Mr Miyagi of the suppliers offer. E-Bike world kit comes with 28t sprocket as standard and the bikes go great fairly... Allowed out of all, it is possible that this kit legal limit, but looking the... Recumbent Trike or bike recommend installing this kit does not include any tools limit and PAS levels from the brakes... To reach 30-35 km/ h at least a 36v 17Ah for 60 miles, the! Of Cannondale Bad Boys in the area frame area around the joints a brand. Model display / controller you have any more advice, please let me know variety of different options also! 36T with an 11-36 cassette and i had read it before i axle...

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